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Idle Dungeon Master Idle Dungeon Master

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's an alright idle game, but it has a major problem: Stats only show up in the info box, and we have to mouse over the unit to see the necessary stats.. It would be nice and extremely helpful to see how much cash, number of units and their respective cost from the get go. Depending on the size of the font, there should be room in the boxes to display the quantity and cost (or unit availability).

Some improvements would be tightening up the interface, maybe add in a reset system of sorts, and a back button for if we decide not to invade the next location due to something like the lack of units.

Other than that, it's a decent game that just needs a lot of work done.

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Coming Out Simulator Coming Out Simulator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I remember playing this when it first came out a year ago, though I don't remember much about what happened. As for the game as it is now, I got a bit emotional there with a couple of "WTF?!" reactions at the dinner scene. I also may have shouted at the screen, "Dude! He's your son! Be supportive and happy, dammit!". Though with my personal experience with Asian parents (and my own) on certain matters, they're pretty headstrong in their views and would counter it.

Even though it's a game of half-truth, at least the emotional part feels genuine, which I thought was a key element for the game, so excellent job there. And a bit of a spoiler, I hope everything is going well for you.

I've also played this on my Galaxy Note II, and given the text messaging presentation, it really fits on mobile.

If there is one negative I have to point out, it's early on when the text "Touche, douche" appeared, the "e" was not displayed properly, while it was properly displayed in the 2014 version.

Now for the platforms I've used to play and test this:
Chrome on Win7 (PC): Froze the tab
Firefox on Win7: It works
Chrome on Win8.1 (Surface Pro 3): It works
Firefox on Win8.1: It works
Chrome on Galaxy Note II: It works

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World Beneath the Surface World Beneath the Surface

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's a decent little puzzler. The gameplay works quite well, and is challenging thanks to the limit of moves you can do. The downsides are the story/theme and the gameplay felt disconnected, and it is somewhat hard to tell apart the cyan and green apart (though this just might be my monitor.). Otherwise it's good.

I'll repost this on your Ludum Dare entry page.

Snake Intuition Snake Intuition

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a great variant on the classic Snake game. The theme here is executed nicely and it added to the challenge. I also like how you can repeatedly tap in the direction you wanted to go to speed things up, and in some way, gives you more control as to the space and direction you want to go. I can't much wrong with this. Excellent job.

I'll repost this on your Ludum Dare entry page.

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The Hole The Hole

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad at all! The game plays well, and the even though the instructions per level was listed in the comments, I would've like to have seen it in the game in the same capacity. Especially since all three levels have unique gameplay.

Per level:
-I don't have much to say about level one. It works, and does what it needs.
-Level two did feel a bit longer than its suppose to. I also like the fact that your character is restricted to stay in those three spots while falling.
-I enjoyed level 3, since I like twin-stick/Robotron shooters! Maybe a life meter would've helped. But maybe it would've made it too easy in the end.

I'll repost this over at your Ludum Dare entry page.

Don't Escape Don't Escape

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A great reversal of a genre (or is it a sub-genre?). I really enjoyed it. What else can I say? Good pixel art, moody music, puzzles are reasonably challenging, and I liked how I discover more items and solutions after each playthough to get a better and better ending.

MEDAL BUG (Potential Spoilers):
"A Calm Night" medal unlocks when the "A Frightful Night" ending was earned. To replicate it, do everything to get "A Calm Night" ending, but DRINK the potion instead of pouring the potion on the meat.

Game Version: 1.1
Browsers used: Google Chrome (Logged into NG Account) and Mozilla Firefox (Not logged into account) on Windows 7

scriptwelder responds:

Thanks very much for the report!
I will post an update ASAP :)

Bleed for Speed Bleed for Speed

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I wish I had time to take part in the Global Jam, but that's life. Anyhow, I like the execution on the theme. The gameplay is simple and challenging, and a thrill if you manage to get momentum going. I also like the morbid tone of this submission combined with the happy white blood cells.

Also seeing how it's HTML5, I'll throw down what browsers I used to play this in. All are on Windows 7 unless noted:
Google Chrome v24.0.1312.57 m (works perfectly)
Mozilla Firefox v18.0.1 (works perfectly)
Internet Explorer 64-bit Edition v9.08112.16421 (Stuck at loading screen reading 0%. And I've played through it on Chrome...about four times now)
Safari on iPad2 (won't load at all)
Chrome on Samsung Galaxy S III (Extremely poor performance. Terrible framerate, and seriously delayed controls.)
Firefox on Samsung Galaxy S III (Stuck on loading screen at about 95%.)

Now I'm not sure why it wouldn't work on IE9 or the iPad2, since I know that I've tried out my team's MolyJam game, which is HTML5, on IE on the Microsoft Surface and it worked, the iPad, while it worked, it had really poor performance.

That is all. Excellent work, especially in 48 hours.

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Nutcasenightmare responds:

Thanks for taking the time to do such a thorough cross-browser test!
I don't even have some of those devices to test on...

As for the iPad 2, it works fine on mine... although, I did upgrade it to iOS6.
I'm looking into why IE9 doesn't seem to work. As far as I can tell, it should have all the capabilities. So whyyyyyyy

Thanks again so much!

Limbo Mario Limbo Mario

Rated 3 / 5 stars

For the fairest possible review, this is going to be looked at as a concept pitch.

It looks interesting, I'll say that. The look of Limbo is accurately produced. The Mario portion, however, is wonky, and I'll have to list down all the problems I've encountered (There might be more, but like I said, this is what I've encountered).

-Standing near the edge, with constantly flip--flop between his standing and jumping frames.
-In the air, going upward, if you touch the edge of blocks, you will do this faux double jump.
-I've encountered that you can walk on air between the two-block and three-block platforms on the right hand side of the stage. If you jump however, you'll fall down as normal.

The block flashing red whenever you hit it to release a coin is a nice touch.

In the end, I'd like to see this continued into a level pack of sorts when and if the gameplay is refined. I'll have to say that if this is going to be just a Mario game with a Limbo skin, just be careful when using the darker shades, because Mario games tend to be very clear on what's on screen, and noticing the blocks blend into pipes fairly well. (This will be dependent on the user's monitor and settings.) I wouldn't worry about it that much, but then again, the underground and castle levels might be difficult to pull off because of it).

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Moonlight Difference Moonlight Difference

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simply moving

There has been a few difference games that I've truly enjoyed. First are 4, 5, and 6 Differences by Ivorydrive, because they had animated segments, making it feel alive and adding the challenge. This however, I enjoy because it's very moving thanks to its bittersweet story.

There isn't much I can about difference games, since they are simple enough in terms of making it work. Also hard mode is really, really hard due to needing to see subtle differences (missing shadowing sketch marks?!). The meat here is the story, which I said, is very moving with a very fitting musical score, so props to SoS as well.

There are a couple of complaints,one is directed towards image #8. I didn't really get until I got to the end of the story and looked at it again. It's more of a perspectives issue since the "camera" seems more "grounded", because of how the background looked as opposed to being more or less "bird's eye". After knowing it, it reminds me of the Japanese fairy tale "Tale of the Bamboo Cutter", which is about the Moon Princess Kaguya, after reviewing the images again in the gallery. (like the feathery top of her dress to the swan robe, and some connect rabbits to the story, since I see a rabbit in the moon in the second to last pic, although the gallery version showed the alternate version.)

Another is that since the images are raster instead of pixels, I would use the zoom in feature in Firefox to see all the little details, but at the same time, notice some of the layers are a bit off, and can give away the differences (depending on difficulty).

Excellent moving story, minor flaws in the visual aspects. Princess Kaguya is one of my favorite fairy tales/folklore, and it felt like a retelling of sorts. Here's a 10/10.

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Sideways Sideways

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting puzzler

Plays like a simple version "And Yet It Moves".

Controls are responsive, the mechanics just plain works, and the graphics and sounds are decent.

But the "zoom-out" felt mandatory, and that it should've been at that zoomed out view from the start. I was holding down the SHIFT button the entire time.

And as of this writing, there is a glitch where the game will just play through the main timeline (or at least look like it). So it'll go Game Levels > Results Screen > Load Screen > Title > Game > Repeat.

I got it in Level 8 after I stepped on the yellow switch, accidentally hit the wrong button, killing myself, then the game started looping. I was also holding SHIFT down the entire time. I may have hit another button (WASD or arrows), thinking I can correct myself before falling to the abyss.

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