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Tenth Anniversary!

2016-05-11 23:19:41 by omegafinal

On May 11, 2006, a few minutes after midnight, I've released my first actual submission to Newgrounds. Of course, I did have one released on May 10, 2005, but that was a school project. I'm pretty much basing the anniversary in this whole universe and continuity I'm making.

So what are or were my plans? One of them was a mock gameplay video of a Metroidvania-style game. I'm still working on Cyberangel and Totally BS! on and off, and hope to release it within the "annivesary year". I might make some art and throw that into the portal.

Speaking of a mock gameplay video. Since I've only done some basic background, HUD art, and character designs (so not much as I wanted): I've also asked other people what kind of game should I mock up. The choices are: A fighting game. A Metroidvania. A turn-based RPG.

In the end, I know I haven't been as active as I use to be, mainly due to life. But I'm happy to have found this site, and shared my works here.

Makin' a lot of BS in 2014

2014-01-04 23:28:27 by omegafinal

Well, a year-long Turn-A: Totally BS! webcomic for Sketch a Day. Meaning I'll be making a page of said comic everyday for a year. One of my ultimate goals of this year's SaD project is to turn it into an animated series, or at least an animated flash comic, which is my usual style.

Next is that I'm ending CC: Totally BS! this year. September 9, 2014 to be exact, and its fifth year anniversary in fact. So I currently plan on having three final episodes. Two of them are already in production.

Finally, my iamagamer Jam Game, FWD: Totally BS!!: Convention Disruption. I've decided that I'm going to take all the expanded content I've been planning on and turn it into a sequel. So after I'm done with the two episodes of CC:TBS!, I'll get to work "prettying up" FWD:TBS!!, then to the sequel, which is currently named FWD: Totally BS!!: Super Convention Disruption. Although at this point, I'm undecided as to which platform to use. Flash or Unity. Flash, I'm use to. Unity, it's something I'm looking forward to moving towards. That's something I'll have to figure out for myself.

Oh yeah, want to see my "main" Sketch a Day tumblr? Here. Pretty much ended the 2013 season, so it's on hiatus now. 2014 season is TBA.

It's been quite a year, and I've noticed that I haven't submitted a single thing this year, even though I have made a couple of small projects during a couple of game jams. So here's what I've made.

# Totally BS! (For Ludum Dare 26)
Yeah, the title's literally "Hashtag Totally BS!". I meant for it to be a "road trip" kind of series, and I hope to use this as a "Game Jam' series, meaning each episode would be created during a Game Jam and all that. It's a puzzler, but I'm not sure if I want to continue this one.

Go Deep! (For MolyJam 2013)
Unfortunately, I cannot upload this to Newgrounds, because the format is unsupported. It's made in Monogame, which from what I heard, it's like XNA, but you can publish it for all sorts of platforms. Download it for Windows and Mac, and go catch your dog.

FWD: Totally BS!!: Convention Disruption (For iamagamer)
One of my personal favorite Totally BS! series gets a new light, and hopefully a new season to go hand in hand with the Turn-A cast. The theme here is interesting, because it's simply "Strong Female Protagonist". Given my history, I almost didn't go, because of my work schedule and though "this wouldn't be challenging to me". But in the end, I'm glad to have contributed, and attempted on creating something with a bit of commentary on the subject of fake geeks. I'm currently working on a Director's Cut of this, so I can start a new season of this.

And finally, Boston Festival of Indie Games. It was fantastic. Went to listen to Robin Hunicke's speech, and it was inspiring. Especially on the bit about not being afraid of throwing ideas, even if they are good, away if things get too cluttered; since I'm somewhat horrible at doing that. She also talked about the PS3 game Journey and it's interesting to have seen what the player character would've looked like. Also played Ninja Dice, it's a fun and quick little dice game, and they got a Kickstarter(thus backing them up.) Other than that, I just hung out with friends and tried out some of the games, both in the digital and tabletop showcases. Oh yeah, the 8-hour Game Jam submissions were pretty cool, with the street brawler Equality X, and one involving two spaceships and falling numbers (the goal is both sides ending up with the same number).

What am I working on right now? Aside from working on the Totally BS! series, I picked back up the Cyberangel series with a new script, and planning on a game, most likely a Metroidvania style, and mostly likely in Unity.

Quick Update

2013-03-21 12:59:39 by omegafinal

-PAXEast tomorrow, yay!
-Still working on Cyberangel
-Working on Turn-A Totally BS! as well.
-Started a Sketch a Day tumblr, which you can follow here.

Wanderlost (Comic Jam and LD24 project)

2012-08-27 18:51:16 by omegafinal

Well I participated in both the Newgrounds Comic Jam and Ludum Dare, and it was insane (Unless you have a completely free weekend, I don't recommend it.). It's a complete narrative for the most part, where the comic leads into the game.

So here's the comic.

Now the game.

The comic is standalone, so you don't need to read that to understand the game.

The game's not going into the Portal yet. Why?
-No audio. I didn't have the time to gather all the audio effects and music. Will be fixed in the "Newgrounds Director's Cut Edition".
-Missing cinematics. Push the narrative a bit.
-Missing game features. There's only a basic attack. I wanted add back in everything I had from Lovely Revy, and maybe add in an "Advancing Guard" style blocking.
-Missing visual effects.
-Too little "juiciness."

Tell me what you think of the game, even though it's still limited.

Now back to working on Cyberangel: Season One and Turn-A Totally B/S!.

Game Jam 7, Cyberangel re:Format Update #3

2012-07-06 03:12:14 by omegafinal

Well I participated in Game Jam 7 and released a visual novel called "Wolf Equals Time". It was a personal failure. While I thought the game played competently through, it lacked the "juiciness". While I had a history of re-releasing games with some updates, such as features and rebalancing, I'm tempted on remaking it myself using just using whatever's in Flash, and without Fixel, mainly because of what I'm using to doing...and the font bugged me (my god it's tiny compared to the rest of the game window!). So yeah, concentrated juice is needed.

Granted, this is the programmer's first jam as far as I'm aware of, some slack was cut. Also given the fact I'm working on Cyberangel, I won't be able to work on this. Since this is kinda of a "structured rant", I don't think I want to rework it in the end. Just so this won't be my "latest work", I thought about releasing a new Turn-A Totally BS! installment (it's actually 80% complete) or a new Lovely Revy mission (character designs are done and the mechanics needs tweaking.). Or just concentrate on Cyberangel and make that as awesome as I can for a projected August 8th release.

This was my third jam. My first two were MolyJam and Ludum Dare, and both had an on-site location in Boston, both turned out some decent products. So the Newgrounds Jam was my first online one, but it was a personal failure. If there's a lesson learned, communication is key, period. I should've also came up with a Plan B, which was program my own version. Combined with the fact I had relatives over, that complicated things, but luckily parents and sister kept them entertained, while I was able to duck away working on this. So my part, which were the art assets, they suffered and they are not as cleaned up as they should be (also some of the emotions were misused, like the kid was way too happy in the beginning, and the beggar was more or less smirking the entire time. I thought I named the emotions clear enough, but it looks like it wasn't.). But I did have a good time just creating all those characters, cliched or not. I like Zita's design though. Even though I didn't have much fun taking part in the end, hopefully the others did have fun and gained some valuable experience. I know I learned a thing or two. Thankfully, all the worst parts are behind me now, hopefully the next jam experience will fare better for me.

As for Cyberangel, I'm currently holding auditions, and may have found a couple of candidates for some of the roles, but might extend it. Unfortunately I haven't worked on it much art-wise, but the script is getting tightened up. That's it.

Now here's a quick cartoon sketch for Turn-A Totally BS!...I blame the anime Haiyore! Nyarko-san, and the game Pokemon.

Game Jam 7, Cyberangel re:Format Update #3

Progress has been slow as always, but at least the script is done, just need some polish here and there. Some backgrounds and props are done, such as Zeles's workstation and the giant viewscreen. Given my situation, I hope I can finish an episode a month. Auditions will be posted up within the next week or two.

The animation is still going to be limited, and I know the 3 vs. 1 fight scene is going to take up the majority of the time, luckily the second episode is predicted to have a faster production time since there won't be a fight scene, well, maybe a 1v1. I'm also rethinking about the lens flares, while can be easy to put in, it's hard to make them look good.

Cyberangel re:Format Update #2

Cyberangel re:Format Update

2012-05-23 00:52:18 by omegafinal

Well I'm going to make a conscience decision to make weekly updates to encourage and push myself to creating content related to the project and all that. Over the past week, all I got done was modifying the letter "A" in the title to make it more stylized and fitting to the series.

I've uploaded my first set of business card art in the Art Portal as a single image, but it's missing a character, who was created after the first set's release. So here she is in the image below (with experimental lens flares). I might upload her card into my gallery, but maybe in another compilation. Sounds like a better idea since it shows the "set" releases and variant copies, blah blah.

Until then.

Cyberangel re:Format Update

Abobo Sighting, and Cyberangel 12/12/12

2012-05-15 23:49:49 by omegafinal

Let's see, the last time I went to the local arcade (EDIT: Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham, NH), played a bunch of pinball: Medieval Madness, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Tron Legacy. Some Skee-Ball, Popeye (developed by Nintendo, believe it or not), and Road Fighter. Then around the corner, they turned one of the old machines into Abobo's Big Adventure. So if anyone want to experience the game in an actual arcade setting, yeah. Since I don't have an arcade stick, or played it on the custom-made Abobo arcade cabinet, this was the next best thing, and was awesome. I wish that more people would play it, maybe if they stick a giant "FREE PLAY" sign on it.

So now, after releasing the Nightwish music video, I'm working on the Cyberangel series, effectively rebooting the first two arcs and release the beginning of the third and final arc on 12/12/12. Looking back at the old scripts, there was some tightening up and elaborations that I needed to do. I'll be looking for voice actors, but if you know my record, I'll be looking for more female VAs than males. News of that will come up when it's ready.

Until then.

Abobo Sighting, and Cyberangel 12/12/12

MolyJam 2012 and PAX East

2012-04-05 23:46:18 by omegafinal

With some time until PAX East, might as well blog about what I did last week. I attended MolyJam (full name "What Would Molydeux?"), a game jam based around the tweeted ideas by Peter Molydeux.

It was a fun event, and since this is my first game jam, it left a good impression on me. I was involved in making artwork for the game "These Robots Can Socket!". It presented a lot of "firsts" for me. First tile-based game, first time creating sprite animations, and working with Impact, even if it's just the level design. Then I also made "The Man, The Pigeon, and The Ring" with the spare time I had left, which was a few hours, and I think I'll polish it up a bit for a Newgrounds release, which will also include the original MolyJam release.

Until then, if you see a guy in a suit carrying a Piplup, either at PAX East or Anime Boston, say hello.